Church Motto

“The Church where Jesus Christ is exalted and the Word of God is explained.”

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church to exalt God, to edify the body of Christ, to educate the community, and to evangelize through local and global ministries.


In 1978 seven people gathered to form New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church. These dedicated men and women of God (Sister Ira McFarley, Sister Virie Lewis, Sister Utha White, Sister Marazine Brown, Sister Fannie Howard, Brother James Howard and Deacon William Brown) shared a desire to make an impact on the Kingdom of God and its people.

Others joined the original seven members and met at the home of Bro. James and Sis. Fannie Howard to get organized. The late Elder S. P. Kilpatrick, Moderator, constituted the church on September 27, 1978. The church was called New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church and was located at 1900 NW 36th Street. Elder A. V. Ward became the first pastor of the church, serving faithfully for two years. In April of 1981, the late Elder F. E. Wrease was called to lead the church as its second pastor. Elder Kenneth A. Duke was called as the third Pastor and under his leadership New Jerusalem moved from the location on NW 36th street to its current location at 777 NW 85th Street on April 11, 1998. The building was officially dedicated on May 30, 1998. We thank God that the membership has also grown from 300 to more than 1,700.

Elder Kenneth A. Duke was installed as Senior Pastor of New Jerusalem in 1985. Under his leadership New Jerusalem moved from the location on NW 36th street to its current location at 777 NW 85th St on April 11, 1998. The building was officially dedicated on May 30, 1998. Elder Duke has shepherded a flock of members from 300 to more than 1,700.


We believe that the vision for and responsibility of the New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church is to serve the needs of the total being. Those needs are (1) spiritual, (2) economical, (3) educational, (4) social and (5) recreational. At New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church, our goal is to meet the needs of our church and community so that God may receive the glory for blessings bestowed upon His people.

  • Spiritually, we will provide a place of worship that will accommodate our growing population and changing society. Biblical preaching, teaching and counseling are available to all families to promote a home devotional setting that fosters a change in each individual’s lifestyle. Materials for home spiritual growth, such as praying material and bible study guides (for all ages) will be provided for each stage of family development.
  • Economically, we will provide the following economical support incentives: burial insurance, Credit Union services, Church-sponsored Co-Op, Church-Operated Restaurant, and support businesses that provide discounts to our members.
  • Educationally, we will provide a licensed child development center for infants through pre-school age children. We will also provide an educational center for students in kindergarten through grade 12, as well as after-school care for elementary school students. Enrolled students will be able to attend educational field trips, as well as other cultural and social events. Tutorial services will be available on site. Certified teachers will be available to provide assistance with homework. Approved volunteers will also be utilized to work with all children. Preparatory classes will be offered for the G.E.D. (Grade Equivalence Diploma); S.A.T. (Scholastic Aptitude Test); the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) for students in third grade through tenth grade in reading, writing, mathematics and science; and all other criterion-referenced or norm-referenced tests required for our students to meet graduation requirements and achieve qualifying scores for entrance into a college/university of their choice.
  • Socially, we will provide many services including the following: a food bank, a clothing bank, counseling services (i.e. legal, family planning, marriage accountability), a Care Center for Senior Citizens, use of social service counselors who will serve as a liaison to social agencies and shelters.
  • Recreationally, we will provide aerobics, weight training, conditioning and toning classes, sports league, swimming lessons, and various board games, such as pool, chess, checkers, etc.