New Disciple’s Orientation

To become a full member, each applicant must attend and complete the New Discipleship class. Classes are held once a month and by appointment. This 1-hour orientation cover four primary facets of church membership – Our Salvation (What God has done for us), Our Statement (Why we exist as a church), Our Strategy (How we fulfill our purpose), and Our Structure (When and where we fulfill our purpose).

Classes are also offered twice a month. Appointment can be made through the Church Office for those whose circumstances prevent them from attending a regularly scheduled class.


Baptism is an important step in the life of a believer. It symbolizes the forgiveness of sins, washed away through the grace of a loving Savior. Baptism takes place on designated 1st Sunday of the month.

Communion & Feet Washing Service

In observing Communion, we are remembering Christ and all that He has done for us in His life, death and resurrection. Our Communion Service is on the first Sunday during the worship service. Join us as we observe the second and third ordinances of our church, Holy Communion and Feet Washing Rite.

Right Hand of Fellowship

In accordance to the act performed by James, Cephas, and John in the book of Galatians, the Right Hand of Fellowship is extended to new Disciples after they have completed the orientation class and baptism. When we give someone the Right Hand of Fellowship, we are suggesting that we agree to serve God with that believer. The Right Hand of Fellowship is extended during on a designated first Sunday.

Marriage Ceremonies

The Pastor gratuitously performs marriage ceremonies for couples where either the bride or groom, or both are members in good standing at New Jerusalem. Prior to the ceremony, couples are required to study Before You Say “I Do”: A Marriage Preparation Manual for Couples by H. Norman Wright and Wed Roberts. Upon completing the book, pre-marital counseling may be scheduled with the Pastor by contacting the Main Office. It is asked that the wedding date be set in consultation with the Pastor to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Baby Blessings

At the Impact Church, babies are blessed, not christened.  Anyone interested in having a child blessed should contact the Main Office at 305-693-8323 to schedule a date. Baby blessings are done for children whose parents are members and are in good standing with the New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church. Godparents must be active members of a Christian Church in order to participate in the ceremony. (Verification may be requested, i.e., pastor or official letter of said church.) Counseling session may be required prior to baby blessing to ensure parents understand the significance and responsibility of this blessing.

Death of a Loved One

The passing of a member of New Jerusalem or an immediate relative should be reported to the Main Office or the Deacon of the deceased as soon as possible. The Church Secretary is available to assist the family in planning the funeral program.