REMNANT (Redeemed, Empowered, Motivated, New, Age children and Teens) is a ministry that caters to the needs and interests of the church’s youth.

The REMNANT ministry provides youth with the opportunity to develop a real and practical relationship with Christ and to acquire the biblical knowledge that becomes the backdrop for living a blessed Christian life in today’s world. This ministry undergirds youth with prayer and teaching to navigate the challenges of our society.

Sunday Academy provides an opportunity for the youth to learn important biblical lessons on a level that they can understand. The music and fine arts programs provide an outlet for the youth to participate in dance, choir, and mime. Evangelist Julia Duke (leader of the REMNANT ministry) along with the advisory board plan and coordinate activities for the youth that include special events such as Youth Day or Vacation Bible study, as well as trips that intend to expand the exposure of the youth in a Christian setting.